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Sponda’s supply chain

The contractual partners in Sponda’s supply chain provide property maintenance services and participate in property repair and renovation projects. The clients are primarily property companies owned by Sponda. Sponda purchases the management of property services for the properties it owns from external property managers. These purchased services include the management of the properties’ energy efficiency, technical building management and leasing administration services.

In the service production for its properties, Sponda uses external property managers’ contractual partners that are reliable and meet the company’s quality criteria. The normal service production for properties includes property maintenance, technical maintenance, cleaning services and waste management.

Sponda’s property managers manage the safety of properties by ensuring that the contractual obligations of the partners used by property managers are fulfilled in accordance with occupational safety regulations at each property. Sponda’s contractual partners are responsible for fulfilling occupational safety obligations pursuant to applicable legislation.

Sponda uses framework agreements to specify the general terms for its supply chain, and property managers and other contractual partners operate according to these terms during each contract period. Sponda complies with applicable legislation in all of its operations. The Finnish Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out sets out special obligations for contractors regarding the use of contracting. By demanding accounts pursuant to the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out, Sponda as the contractor ensures that its contractual partners operate in compliance with the law.

In Sponda’s property development operations, the implementation of new construction and renovation projects involves the contractor’s consulting services as well as consulting services in various fields, such as architecture, structural design, building technology, design of foundation structures, and environmental certification. The required consulting services are assessed and the procurement method is determined on a project-specific basis (framework agreement, negotiated procedure, competitive bidding or other). In projects for which international environmental certification (LEED® or BREEAM®) is sought, the services of a separate certification consultant are used to ensure the quality of the certification process. The method of implementation and contracting used in projects is decided on a case-by-case basis with consideration for each project’s special characteristics, such as scope, schedule and location. In addition to the purchasing of consulting services and contracting services, projects may involve separate purchases that are implemented by either framework agreement partnerships or competitive bidding.

Sponda’s contractual partners must have an effective environmental system, environmental programme or similar system that defines the general operating principles for taking environmental issues into account. Each contractual partner is responsible for the operating methods and procedures of its subcontractors. In its operations, the contractual partner takes into consideration the general objectives and operating principles defined in the client’s and property manager’s environmental policy, and ensures that site-specific environmental perspectives and impacts are taken into account in the performance of duties.

Sponda’s supply chain operations are limited to Finland, primarily the Helsinki metropolitan area, Tampere and Oulu. Sponda did not specifically monitor the number of  2014 operators in its supply chain during the year, but counting property managers and their framework agreement partners, the number of suppliers is in the hundreds.

Sponda’s objective is to continue to develop the quality and monitoring of the services provided by its supply chain.