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Sponda's future solutions

Future trend

Effect on the industry and Sponda

Sponda’s actions



  • Population concentrates in cities
  • An increasing need for business premises and retail services in growth centres
  • Development of public transportation
  • Focusing the property portfolio on the city centres of Helsinki and Tampere, and the developing districts of these cities
  • Property assets with good public transport access
  • Active property development
  • Urban development in co-operation with the authorities

Climate change

  • Increasing requirements related to the energy efficiency of properties and the industry as a whole
  • Properties are exposed to extreme weather phenomena
  • Increasing upward pressure on energy costs
  • Energy-efficient construction in both new property development and renovation projects
  • Preparing for extreme weather phenomena in co-operation with the maintenance network
  • Drafting proactive energy contracts
  • Co-operation with customers and partners to reduce the environmental impact of properties



  • As working remotely becomes increasingly common, there is a growing need for office spaces that support communality
  • Shopping centres play an increasingly significant role in supporting communality and providing entertainment
  • Developing solutions that support communality in office spaces
  • Developing shopping centre concepts
  • Creating flexible business premises




  • The digitalisation of retail presents new challenges and opportunities to brick-and-mortar shops and shopping centres
  • Changes in purchasing behaviour
  • Work irrespective of time and place creates new demands on office environments
  • Utilising digital services in retail premises
  • Improving digital capacity in office premises
  • Development of Sponda’s services and business premises solutions
  • Creating flexible business premises