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Transparent and ethical operations

Objectives for 2014

  • Increasing customer dialogue in all customer service channels

Measures taken in 2014

In 2014, Sponda drafted a Code of Conduct that lays the foundation for the company’s responsibility efforts, the management of responsibility, and stakeholder relations. The Code of Conduct was approved by the Executive Board and the Board of Directors. Sponda will continue to implement the Code of Conduct among company personnel and stakeholders in 2015.

Additionally, in 2014, Sponda signed the UN Global Compact to mark its commitment to ten principles related to human rights, labour, the environment, and anti-corruption. Sponda’s commitment to the UN Global Compact supports Sponda’s vision of being an industry leader in responsibility.

Sponda’s Code of Conduct and the UN Global Compact contain a commitment to anti-corruption by the company. Sponda’s Code of Conduct and the UN Global Compact are available for interest groups at the company’s website.

The best property investment company in the Nordic region according to the CDP assessment

Sponda actively promotes the transparency of its responsibility reporting and, each year, participates in international responsibility reports and studies to develop its operations further.

In 2014, Sponda was ranked as the best property investment company in the Nordic region by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), which measures companies’ greenhouse gas emissions, emissions targets, measures to reduce emissions, business risks and opportunities related to climate change, and reporting on these matters. Sponda’s overall score improved from the previous year, and the company ranked well above average in Finland and in the Nordic region as a whole.

Also in 2014, Sponda was awarded a Green Star for the second time in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) study. Sponda’s overall result in the 2014 survey improved from the previous year, placing the company again among the top quartile of property companies. In the 2014 survey, Sponda received particular recognition with respect to the management of corporate responsibility as well as the management of risks and opportunities, areas in which the company achieved some of the highest scores in the industry. The Green Star is awarded to companies in the property industry that measure, implement, manage and develop responsibility successfully as an integral part of their business operations.

Continuing improvement in property management services

In Sponda’s purchasing and quality process, the development of property management and maintenance services continued in 2014. A competitive tendering was carried out in the purchasing process, which led to Sponda’s expert services in property management being divided between two different responsible operators. The goal of the new property service agreements was to create a long-term, flexible and development-oriented partnership between the parties involved to ensure that expert services related to property management are implemented with high quality and cost-efficiency.

Sponda's properties and property services are managed by a partner network comprising tens of suppliers. Particular focus has been placed on the reliability of property service providers and partners, and their responsibility for consistent quality in service provision. This has been reflected in improved customer feedback regarding property services.

In addition to customer feedback and continuous reporting data, the quality of property services is also monitored by means of twice-yearly property audits and the self-evaluation of service production. The audits and their reporting models have been systematically developed, which helped the company achieve an improvement in the quality of property maintenance services in 2014.

During the year, Sponda aimed to increase customer dialogue in customer meetings and all customer service channels. Read more about enhancing the customer experience.

Transparency in operations

Sponda also promotes responsible ways of working in the property sector in co-operation with its subcontractors. We require transparent operations and up-to-date communications from our subcontractors. To prevent the grey economy, Sponda has set strict contractual conditions for its subcontractors and requires that they are officially registered pursuant to the Finnish Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out.

New Finnish legislation pertaining to monthly reporting on construction contracts and workers entered into force in July 2014. The new legislation requires clients that contract construction work to report more detailed information on contracts to the tax administration. For this purpose, Sponda acquired an information system that was implemented when the requirement to report information on contracts entered into force.

Objectives for 2015

  • Implementing the Code of Conduct and the UN Global Compact with personnel and interest groups.

In 2014, Sponda was awarded a Green Star for the second time in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark study.

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