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Enhancing the customer experience

Objectives for 2014

  • Developing customer data management and, in particular, securing the success of the adoption of the CRM solution
  • Developing customer feedback collection and utilisation as part of customer data management
  • Developing the electronic customer service environment
  • The evaluation and utilisation of new service innovations

Measures taken in 2014

The economic outlook in 2014 presented challenges to many industries, which also created pressures in customer relationships in leasing business premises. Good basic services at properties, a customer-focused approach and professional service are fundamental considerations that customers value, even in challenging times.

Sponda’s most significant measures to enhance the customer experience in 2014 were:

  • Revising customer feedback collection and utilisation
  • Adopting a CRM system as part of customer relationship management
  • Updating customer segments and the CRM models applied to them
  • Developing various online and mobile services for current and prospective clients

Development work based on customer feedback

The collection and utilisation of customer feedback was developed in 2014 by conducting two separate customer feedback surveys: a service experience study and a qualitative customer relationship study.

The service experience study, which was conducted electronically, was focused on property users’ experiences of leased premises’ services, functionality of premises and maintenance. Based on the results, Sponda developed its customer relationship management operations and service process. The survey was sent to over 700 clients and received nearly 300 responses. The customer feedback received via the service experience study was analysed and used to prepare property-specific and client-specific action proposals for company's regional units. The results were also reviewed with Sponda’s key property service partners.

According to the 2014 service experience study, customer satisfaction in services has increased from the previous year. With regard to business premises, Sponda’s strengths are perceived as being the adaptability of premises, property locations in relation to business needs, and transport links. Indoor temperature and air quality were highlighted as areas needing improvement. Based on the results of the study, Sponda will also focus on even more active and high-quality communications with customers.

Sponda has measured customer satisfaction with their co-operation with the lessor since 2014. The index score in 2014 was good, at 3.67 on a scale of 1–5.

New customer segments and CRM models

Sponda updated its customer segmentation in 2014 to better correspond with operational requirements. In conjunction with this, each customer segment was assigned a customer relations management model (CRM) that best serves its needs. Sponda also carried out a customer relationship study in 2014. The aim of the study was to support the development of customer relationship management plans, as well as improve Sponda’s understanding of customers’ changing expectations and perceived service experience.

In 2015, Sponda will also continue a development project aimed at anticipating the future customer situation. The project, which began in 2014, is aimed at creating new shared tools and operating practices for Sponda’s customer relationship management and development. The continued development of the CRM system adopted in 2014 to better serve the needs of Sponda’s customer relationship management plays a key role in the project.

At the Ruoholahden Ankkuri office building, Sponda conducted a customer experience and environmental responsibility survey to assess the service capacity of the new property. The survey was conducted as part of a Green Building Council Finland competition to find Finland’s most comfortable and energy efficient business premises. Based on the feedback received, Sponda will develop the office building further and report on implementation of the selected development targets to the users of the property. A similar survey to analyse the comfort of the indoor environment will be conducted annually at selected properties.

Objectives for 2015

  • Quantitative and qualitative development of customer communications
  • Renewing the Sponda's website and providing an even better online customer experience
  • Overall satisfaction with co-operation with the lessor to remain at least at the same level as in 2014

According to the 2014 service experience study, customer satisfaction in services has increased from the previous year.

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