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Energy and environmental efficiency

Objectives for 2014

Energy efficiency and the carbon footprint

  • The comparable consumption of heating and water and the combined effect of the consumption of electricity and cooling in Finnish properties will decline
  • Adoption of measurement guidelines
  • Launch of the renewable energy sources demo project
  • Sponda’s head office’s consumption of electricity, heating, district cooling and water will be reduced
  • The consumption of electricity and water will decrease in three Russian office properties
  • Environmental certification work will continue and preliminary analyses will be conducted for new projects

Material efficiency

  • The waste recovery rate at Sponda’s properties in Finland will remain at the year end 2013 level, at 87 per cent.
  • The volume of office waste at Sponda’s head office will be reduced.

Environmental co-operation with clients

  • The number of environmental partnerships will increase to 22 by the end of 2014.

Measures taken in 2014

Progress of Sponda’s Energy efficiency programme

At the end of 2014, Sponda’s Energy efficiency programme covered 113 (2013: 109) properties, which means that as many as 88 per cent of Sponda's wholly-owned properties in Finland are included in the programme. Ten properties divested during the year as part of the Certeum transaction were omitted from Sponda’s Energy efficiency programme. The properties covered by the programme continued to carry out energy reviews, implement energy saving measures and monitor consumption in accordance with property-specific action plans.

A total of 68 energy reviews of properties owned by Sponda were carried out in 2014. The most important energy saving measures implemented in 2014 were measures concerning the use of ventilation and heating systems. Additionally, energy efficiency improvement measures were implemented concerning the cooling of properties, building automation systems and the use of electricity at properties.

The energy consumption and carbon footprint of Sponda’s properties declined

The comparable energy consumption of the Finnish properties owned by Sponda decreased by 2.0 per cent in 2014. The measured heating energy consumption of comparable properties was down by 1.2 per cent from the previous year. Weather-adjusted (normalised) heating energy consumption was 0.3 per cent lower than the year before. The total electricity consumption of comparable properties decreased by 3.9 per cent, water consumption decreased by 0.5 per cent and district cooling consumption fell by 8.1 per cent compared to 2013.

In 2014, the carbon footprint caused by the total energy consumption of all of Sponda’s comparable properties in Finland was 2.3 per cent lower than in the previous year.

Sponda aims to reduce the energy consumption of its properties also in Russia. In 2014, the electricity consumption of Sponda’s office properties in Russia decreased by 6.1 per cent and water consumption decreased by 6.3 per cent.

Sponda also aims to actively reduce its own environmental impact by reducing the energy consumption and other environmental loads of its head office in Helsinki. The year 2014 was an exceptional one at Sponda’s head office, and consumption was not reduced in line with the targets. Renovation work was carried out in the building, there were relocation operations, as well as water damage. Due to these circumstances, consumption figures for 2014 were higher than in the previous year. In 2014, the electricity consumption of Sponda’s head office increased by 3.7 per cent, (normalised) heating consumption increased by 1.1 per cent, measured heating energy consumption decreased by 1.7 per cent, and district cooling consumption increased by 8.1 per cent. The water consumption of the head office decreased by 3.6 per cent compared to 2013. Because of the aforementioned reasons, the head office’s consumption figures for 2015 will be compared to the figures reported for 2013.

Of the total energy consumed by Sponda, 14 per cent is produced from renewable sources. Renewable energy sources account for 17 per cent of the electricity used by Sponda, 7 per cent of heating, and 76 per cent of district cooling.

Waste recovery rate rises to nearly 100 per cent

Sponda achieved a significant improvement in waste recovery in 2014. The target for 2014 was to maintain the waste recovery rate at 87 per cent at Sponda’s Finnish properties. The final waste recovery rate at the properties rose to approximately 96 per cent.

In 2014, the amount of office waste generated at Sponda’s head office increased to 14.0 tonnes (2013: 12.1) due to relocation operations and renovation work carried out in the building.

Environmental co-operation with customers

Sponda encourages its customers to conserve energy also in its Environmental Partnership Programme, which aims to reduce the environmental load caused by the use of buildings through joint efforts. Interest among clients in Sponda’s environmental partnerships continued to increase in 2014, and at the end of the year, the total number of environmental partnerships was 22, in line with the previously set target. The objective in 2015 is to further increase the number of partners, while also deepening co-operation with current partners.

The Extranet service for customers provides guidance on energy efficient operations and waste sorting, and includes news on the progress of the Energy Efficiency Programme. Customers can use the service to monitor the energy consumption of their property on a monthly basis. Sponda’s property-specific Extranet is in service at almost all Sponda's properties.

In 2014, an environmental event was organised together with Sponda's environmental partner Deloitte at the Ruoholahden Sulka building, and the company also organised its annual Green Day environmental event for its personnel to distribute information on environmental matters related to Sponda and the head office.

Sights set on Sponda’s first LEED® Platinum certificate

The active environmental certification of buildings continued in 2014. Sponda has already obtained a total of eight international environmental LEED® or BREEAM® certificates. At the end of 2014, the company had a total of 5 active environmental certification processes underway for new constructions and renovation projects.

Sponda aims to achieve its first LEED® Platinum certificate for the Estradi office property that will be completed in Helsinki’s Pohjois-Haaga district in 2015.

Objectives for 2015

Climate change

  • The comparable total energy consumption of properties (electricity, heating, district cooling) will decrease from the 2014 level. Concerning electricity and cooling, the combined effect will be taken into account.
  • The comparable water consumption will decrease from the 2014 level.
  • The carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions caused by the entire energy consumption will decrease from the level reported in the 2014 annual report.
  • The energy consumption of Sponda’s headquarters will decrease from the 2013 level.1)
  • The consumption of electricity and water will decrease in three of Sponda’s properties in Russia.

1)The year of comparison is 2013 due to renovations and water damage dehumidification that took place in 2014

Material efficiency

  • The waste recovery rate will remain at least at the level of 96 per cent achieved in 2014.
  • The waste recycling and reuse rate in Sponda’s properties in Finland will be 50 per cent by the end of 2015.
  • The waste recycling and reuse rate of Sponda’s headquarters will, at minimum, remain at the level of 61 per cent achieved in 2014.

Environmental co-operation with clients: property use and maintenance

  • During 2015, at least two new environmental partnerships will be established.
  • One Green Lease contract will be concluded in 2015.
  • Active and regular follow-up and reporting on the action plans of Sponda’s environmental partners during 2015. The objective is to reduce the environmental impact of partners.

Environmental classification of buildings

  • Sponda will apply for certification of all new building sites and large basic repair sites.
  • During 2015, environmental certification will be achieved for at least one new building site.
  • During 2015, environmental certification will be achieved for at least one basic repair site.


The waste recovery rate of the Finnish properties rose to 96 per cent in 2014.

Sponda encourages its customers to conserve energy in its Environmental Partnership Programme.

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